Intelligent Data Devices 2023 Edition – eBook



The decline in Moore’s Law, coupled with the desire to implement features such as zero-trust networking and modern centralised storage, have all been drivers of the evolution in smart NIC technology.  From foundational (simple) network cards, vendors have created SmartNICs (with offload processing), DPUs (data processing units) and computational storage devices (storage with local compute).  As this market segment continues to develop, the Intelligent Data Devices eBook looks at the three category types and the vendors developing products and solutions.  This is a Pathfinder report, and as such contains no side-by-side comparisons of vendor products.  At present this market is too diverse and standards are not fully baked.  However, this eBook does review twelve vendors and their offerings, putting context around where the strategy for each company will see this market evolve in the future.

Who Should Buy This Report

This report is focused at IT professionals, CTOs and CIOs looking to understand the benefits of implementing intelligent data device technology, including SmartNICs, DPUs and computational storage.  It provides actionable information on how to choose one product over another.  The report will help formulate decision making and strategy on product choices within the enterprise.

Table of Contents

  1. How to use this eBook
  2. Introduction
  3. Deep Dive
  4. SDKs and APIs
  5. Vendors & Solutions
  6. The Architect’s View®
  7. Additional Content and Reading

Vendors/Products Included in This Report

AMD, Amazon Web Services, Fungible, GRAID Technology, Intel Corporation, Kalray, Nebulon, NGD Systems, NVIDIA, Pliops, Samsung, ScaleFlux.

  • Pages: 23
  • Words: 8,587
  • Format: PDF
  • Publication Date: February 2023
  • Current Version: 1.0 (2023 edition)