NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express)

This page covers discussions on NVMe, a new storage protocol for interfacing with PCIe-connected solid-state media.

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2019 is the year of NVMe

NVMe is the new kid on the storage block. As we see more adoption of flash and SCM technologies, NVMe will become the de-facto standard for both connecting storage media and connecting to storage systems. Learn why NVMe is so important to the storage industry.

NVMe over Fabrics - Caveat Emptor?

For the past 20 years, Fibre Channel has been the dominant enterprise data centre storage networking technology. By this, we mean traditional Fibre Channel, not variants that work over IP or use Converged Ethernet. How will the NVMe transition work and will Fibre Channel continue to dominate?
What are Storage Class Memory (SCM) and Persistent Memory (PM)?

What are Storage Class Memory (SCM) and Persistent Memory (PM)?

Storage Class Memory and Persistent Memory are terms that describe new types of storage that are byte addressable yet persistent. They blur the traditional boundary of system memory and external (and generally slow) storage media.

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Why is HPE 3PAR not moving to NVMe SSDs (yet)?

HPE has decided to use storage-class memory rather than NVMe in their 3PAR platform. The company claims there was little benefit in using NVMe drives in the current architecture. Does this signify an issue, a future strategy or even a new platform on the horizon?
Pure Storage – Seeding the NVMe Market

Pure Storage - Seeding the NVMe Market

Pure Storage has gone through multiple generations of FlashArray and FlashBlade products. At the heart of these storage solutions is NVMe. It's not obvious but NVMe has been in the FlashArray product for nearly 3 years, making the transition to NVMe much easier for customers to achieve.

The Hidden Gem that is StorPool

Software-defined storage is one way to make great use of NVMe storage. StorPool has developed a scale-out block storage architecture that can deliver ultra-high performance. Yet the market hasn't really seen the potential of this great platform.

VAST DATA launches with new scale-out storage platform

VAST Data has joined the storage market with a scale-out platform that uses the benefits of NVMe storage. How does the new platform work, who is it targeted at and how do features like NVMe and SCM enable solutions like this that couldn't be achieved before?