Architecting IT

Architecting IT creates free and paid-for content that deep dives into enterprise technology. We analyse vendors and products to deliver unbiased opinion on the trends and direction of IT infrastructure, including the best solutions in the market.


We produce white papers, briefing documents, blogs and research documents that cover what you need to know about today's technology solutions. Click here to view content


If you need to get a more personalised view, why not talk to us one-to-one about your issues and challenges in the data centre?

Hands On

We do technology validation and testing, and run out of our own lab based in the UK. We can also work on your premises if needed. Click here to learn about the lab


As an analyst company, we conduct research into markets and technologies.  Our areas of coverage are divided into three main practices, which are further divided into disciplines.  Our high-level practices are - Data Practice, Processing Practice and Cloud Practice.  These are subdivided into disciplines as follows.

Data Practice

This practice area includes the disciplines of Data Storage, Data Protection, Data Management and Mobility and Data Processing.

Processing Practice

This practice area includes the disciplines of CPU & System Architectures, System Memory Solutions, Bus Technologies and Systems Management & Automation.

Cloud Practice

This practice area includes the disciplines of Cloud Data Solutions, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage Solutions and Cloud Economics (FinOps)

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