As an analyst company, we conduct research into the market and technologies.  The focus of the research is infrastructure, from hardware up to (but not including applications).  This does include structured platforms such as databases.  Analysis work is divided into practices, which are further sub-divided into disciplines and topics.

Within each area, we cover specific business challenges and requirements, while aligning these to vendor products and solutions.  Primary vendors are "tracked" vendors, making them automatically included in research documents and papers.  Secondary vendors may be included as their market share and reach increases.  The list of vendors in each primary category is regularly reviewed based on internal (non-published) criteria.


This practice area covers the following disciplines:


This practice area covers:


This practice area covers the following disciplines:

  • Cloud Data solutions (including structured databases)
  • Cloud Computing (instances, containers, serverless)
  • Cloud Storage Solutions (native & adjacent)
  • Cloud Economics (FinOps)