Data Protection

Ensuring data is protected and available at all times has become a critical component of IT operations.  We have a raft of new storage companies delivering data protection and data management functionality.  This page tracks those vendors, provides background commentary and answers your frequently asked questions.

Blog Posts on Data Protection Processes


Rethinking Data Protection in Public Cloud

Public cloud service provider won't provide you with data recovery, unless their service fails.  If you delete data, you're on your own.  How should you treat backups and data protection with a view to building support for your own applications running in public cloud?


Cloud-Native Data Protection

The public cloud represents probably the best solution for managing data protection.  Infrastructure is essentially limitless and charged by usage.  How can IT organisations take advantage of cloud-native backup and what should they be looking for when picking a cloud-native data protection provider?


Application-Focused Backups

The implementation of IT is becoming more diverse as companies look to take advantage of on-premises and public cloud application deployments.  As a result, we’re less focused on the underlying implementation of hardware infrastructure and much more aware of data and applications. 


Data Protection in a Multi-Cloud World

We’re moving to a multi-cloud world, there’s no doubting it.  I hear from end users and vendors alike that increasingly, IT organisations are looking to use on-premises and multiple cloud service providers.  From an operational perspective, how do we protect ongoing access to data and applications?


The Need for APIs in Storage and Data Protection

The idea of programmatically managing infrastructure provides capabilities to scale, manage and control technology much more effectively than can be achieved through manual methods.  Using APIs for storage and backup is much more than implementing automation.


The need for self-describing secondary data

As primary data becomes every more portable, we need to ensure that our backups have the same levels of flexibility to be stored, moved and used wherever we need them.  Why is this important and what features should we look out for?


Backup as a Service

Does it make sense to extend infrastructure service offerings to include operational processes like data protection?  In a public cloud environment should backup be delivered with anything other than a native or integrated service?

Vendor Coverage


Nutanix Mine Puts Backup Software Vendors on a Level Playing Field

Nutanix has announced Mine, a platform for 3rd party software vendors to integrate their products.  With a standard interface, backup vendors are now competing on features.


The Three Facets of Backup

Veritas, Rubrik and Druva have three fundamentally different approaches to data protection. Veritas is old school, trying to create a new platform. Rubrik has built a scale-out appliance architecture. Druva is 100% cloud native.