New Podcasts – Data Unpacked & Hybrid Cloud

New Podcasts – Data Unpacked & Hybrid Cloud

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Over the summer we’ve been revamping the Storage Unpacked podcast, revived the Hybrid Cloud podcast and started a new channel, Data Unpacked. The three podcasts are now available through our new site, Unpacked Network.

Over the last five years, the Storage Unpacked podcast has grown to be the premier data storage podcast in the industry. As so much of the tech conversations are moving to data, we thought it high time to separate out the discussions on data from those that address the storage hardware and software solutions in the marketplace. So, from now on, the three podcasts will concentrate on the following areas:

  • Storage Unpacked – data storage media, systems and software. All the good stuff we’ve discussed for the last 5 years, still maintaining a view across on-premises and the public cloud.
  • Data Unpacked – everything data management, data protection, data mobility and data use cases. This includes how we store, manage and use information across the enterprise, public and private.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Conversations on the inexorable move towards hybrid infrastructure and application deployment. We will look at process, solutions, architectures and strategy.

Unpacked Network

To support the transition, we’ve moved all previous episodes to a new site – Here you’ll find three channels for each of the podcast series. The website is still in the process of transition from Storage Unpacked, but you can find feeds for each podcast:

We will also enable a “full feed” once the podcasts are all cut over to the new site. Existing feeds subscriptions to Storage Unpacked and Hybrid Cloud will continue to work through the normal channels including Apple Podcasts, so there’s no need to change. Data Unpacked is now available through podcasting channels, just search for “Data Unpacked”.

The Architect’s View®

It’s an exciting time to be moving discussions into a wider context. Data drives everything businesses do, so we want to provide more time and space for those conversations. Please subscribe to the new channels and always let us know if there are any areas you want to see discussed.

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