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Enterprise Computing: Dell Acquire Perot Systems

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After a lot of second guessing by people, Dell have finally made that purchase and announced today they intend to acquire Perot Systems, which will become the services arm for the company.

There’s no doubt that Dell needed to do something to match the technology and services play offered by IBM and HP/EDS.  I suspect many people thought the acquisition could have been GlassHouse but to my mind that would have too narrow a focus on only the storage consulting part of the business.  After all, competing with IBM/HP is about the entire stack from infrastructure to application.

So, the question now is, how does this affect the storage market?  Does this re-ignite discussions about an EMC/Cisco merger?  Possibly not, as EMC’s position hasn’t really changed.  I think GlassHouse are the most likely losers in this scenario as Dell now have all the service resources they need.  It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

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Chris M Evans has worked in the technology industry since 1987, starting as a systems programmer on the IBM mainframe platform, while retaining an interest in storage. After working abroad, he co-founded an Internet-based music distribution company during the .com era, returning to consultancy in the new millennium. In 2009 Chris co-founded Langton Blue Ltd (www.langtonblue.com), a boutique consultancy firm focused on delivering business benefit through efficient technology deployments. Chris writes a popular blog at http://blog.architecting.it, attends many conferences and invitation-only events and can be found providing regular industry contributions through Twitter (@chrismevans) and other social media outlets.
  • laurencedavenport

    interesting to see if David Leyland cancels his appearance at Storage Expo this year as it is “on behalf of Dell”.

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