Architecting IT
Briefing Documents

When time is short, briefing documents provide a quick and easy summary of a product, technology or concept.  Each brief is no more than two pages long and provides you the key facts you need.  These documents are freely downloadable and updated and added to regularly.

NetApp Cloud Volumes


NetApp Cloud Volumes provides access to native ONTAP functionality in the public cloud.

Datrium DVX


DVX from Datrium is an evolution in the implementation of hyper-converged infrastructure.

Datrium Automatrix


Automatrix brings together DVX, Cloud DVX and ControlShift to deliver automated DR failover.



HYCU is a data protection software solution from HYCU Inc, specifically written for HCI and Nutanix environments.

NetApp MAX Data


MAX Data is a software solution that implements a local high-performance file system using SCM.

Scality Zenko


Scality introduced Zenko as a multi-cloud storage controller for object stores across public and private clouds.

Vexata VX-100


Vexata has developed the VX-100, a new scale-out storage architecture based on NVMe storage.