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XP or Not XP?  That is the Question….
The HP Team at CI Barcelona

XP or Not XP? That is the Question….

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The HP Team at CI Barcelona

I read with interest today the storm in a teacup brewing around this Storage Newsletter article published yesterday.

It’s quite amusing that some people still don’t understand the three way relationship between Hitachi Ltd, HDS and HP.  Fortunately I was able to visit Hitachi last year as as guest of HDS and consequently attended the Hitachi uValue conference (see here).

Hitachi Ltd are ultimately the designer and manufacturer of what HDS call the VSP and HP call the P9500.  I know that HDS staff have a direct input to the hardware and microcode design (as I’ve met the developers) and I’ve been assured by HP that they have the same level of input too.  Let’s face it, why wouldn’t they, as one of only two remaining OEM vendors.

So, HP will retain the XP arrays for some time to come.  3Par and EVA technology doesn’t address the mainframe market and there are lots of customer still running HP-UX.  What’s more likely in doubt is the long term future of EVA.  We have been told by HP that EVA is being refreshed and we can expect generation 5 as documented by Chris Mellor (here).

What does this mean for the ongoing strategy?  I suggest 2 things; firstly the EVA developments were well underway during the 3PAR acquisition and it made sense not to drop these.  Second, migrating existing customers (who no doubt are loyal) to 3PAR from EVA won’t be an overnight task.  By making EVA more “3PAR-like” (perhaps thin provisioning for a start), then the transition to 3PAR becomes smoother, making customer retention and upgrade easier (I saw a tweet from @HPStorageGuy indicating that there are still 100,000 EVA customers).  So EVA winds down as 3Par winds up.

Well it’s all speculation at this stage.  I will be attending HP Discover in June and hope to find out more then.  Oh and here’s HP’s rebuttal

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